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Sly has lost her in the woods. While wondering around she stumbled across the path of the Voodoo Queen . The Queen tells her she saw a walking just over there and to come with her. They’ll find her together. Sly tries to refuse, but a look from The Queen’s eyes and she falls under her spell and faints into her arms. The Voodoo Queen cradle carries her back to her home in the woods.

Once she gets her inside she lays her down upon the bed, and strips her naked. Caressing her soft pale skin with her big powerful hands. And suckling on her motherly breasts filled with that precious mother’s milk. It gives her so much power. After she gets her fill she leaves her there to rest and regain her strength, and replenish that lovely milk.

Sly wakes up and in a tired, weak stooper she takes the first door she can find. It takes her down a long staircase and into an odd looking dungeon. There she looks at all the items of sex and torture with confusion and disgust. In a puff of smoke the Voodoo Queen appears behind her. Grabbing Sly by the throat she slams her against the wall and knocks her out.

When she comes to her hands are cuffed to the hook hanging from the ceiling. The Voodoo queen gives her a good all around flogging. And don’t forget the deep and orgasmic fingering. Finally Sly gets strapped into the sex swing. Where she gets her filthy dirty feet tickled, along with her armpits, stomach and especially her inner thighs, butt and pussy. She’s so tickling in the weirdest of places. And the big black dick on a stick that she fucks her to one last great orgasm.
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