Louise Armana & Dixie Comet – Mesmerized Dixie Gives Louise Many Surprises

Dixie is preparing for her shoot with Louise when she receives a phone call. It starts as a seemingly normal conversation with another model but then suddenly her expression goes blank. She’s been given a trigger word and now Dixie has been returned to a mesmerized state. The instructions she is given are to actually put Louise to rest in their tired shoot instead of pretend. And to then make her a sex slave and mesmerize her as well.

When Louise arrives for the shoot she doesn’t realize anything is out of the ordinary. It turns out, though, that the water they are drinking is spiked and soon she and Dixie are both resting on the floor. When they wake up they try to figure out what happened and without even noticing she’s doing it, Dixie takes off her shirt. Louise asks her what she’s doing and Dixie seems genuinely shocked to find that her shirt is off. Dixie then mindlessly crosses the room and flicks a switch causing tired gas to start filling the room. As the gas begins to creep in, Dixie pulls Louise’s shirt off as well and then they both succumb to the gas and fall resting on the floor.

When they awaken next, they groggily pull themselves to their feet and Dixie immediately pulls off her pants. Now Louise realizes that something is wrong with Dixie and tries to get away but Dixie pulls out a tranquilizer dart and pops Louise in the butt with it. As Louise tries to crawl away from Dixie before she goes to rest, Dixie pulls off her pants and poses her tired body with her ass up in the air. Then Dixie darts herself in the chest and falls resting next to Louise in the same pose. The strange ritual is repeated again when Louise wakes up and tries to go for the door to escape, but Dixie catches her again and puts her back to rest with a tired cloth over her mouth. Now she takes off both of their bras and puts her self back to rest as well with both girls posed face down ass up. Then next time she awakens, Louise tries to get to her phone and call for help but Dixie injects her with a needle to put her back resting.

Finally Louise awakens in bed with her wrists restrained and now completely nude. Dixie enters with a hitachi vibrator and puts in on Louise’s pussy. She then brings a laptop and makes Louise to watch a swirl pattern while Dixie mesmerizes her with her calming voice. Now that they are both mesmerized, Dixie lays down next to Louise and they both stare at the swirl while being vibed to orgasm with their toys. As time passes we come back to see that they are both still in the same spot and both still being vibrated to orgasm after orgasm as they stare mindlessly at the swirl with their bodies covered in sweat and drool dripping out of their mouths.
Hypnosis, Mind control, eye rolls, MESMERIZE
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission ,humiliation,overpowered,bondage,forced orgasm

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