Loser with a Big Dick

Oh boy, so you have a decent size dick. You hear me say in these videos that you have a little, small dick, but you think that you have a decent sized dick. You think that makes you better than all of the other little dick losers? You have at least an average size dick. This does not make you better, does not make you better than a loser. All this means is that you are a loser with a big dick!Your dick can be as big as possible, but that does not matter when you are a pathetic fucking loser. No one cares how big your dick is! No one can see past how much of a sad little loser you are just because you have a big dick!You could flop that dick out and try to flaunt it but all people will think is that you are a freak! A loser is a loser no matter how big or small his cock is! We cannot ignore how much of a loser you are, regardless of your dick size.
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