May 282021

Loser JOI Mind Fuck

Loser JOI Mind Fuck
Pull out that cock like a good little loser and start pumping it for Me. You’re going to lose your mind second by second as you stare at my perfection. You want to get lost in your greedy gorgeous Goddess Christina don’t you!?! You just want to MASTURBATE! Masturbate over and over and over for Me. Stroke that cock until it POPS! Stroke it until you forget your own name. Where it doesn’t matter anymore. As that cum starts spilling out of your horny hard and throbbing cock – you know you’re MY Loser. MASTURBATE! PUMP! Lose yourself in ME! *Includes special immersive audio and visual effects.
verbal humiliation,femdom pov,hypnosis,goddess worship

Duration: 00:14:08 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 352.05 MB

Download – Goddess_Christina_-_Loser_JOI_Mind_Fuck.mp4

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