Lone Wolf – Ambushed and Taken

Superheroine Super Spy Lone Wolff has penetrated the safe house of a most wanted crime lord Don Anthony. She easily takes out his security and confronts the boss in his office. She knnows he has Lex Luthors Photonic Domination Device and she is ready. Unfortunately she wasn’t counting on Luthor arranging for Don Anthony to have Bane as extra protection
The first thug Lone Wolf took out gets a chance for payback and has some fun with her while she is bound and helpless. LW is very defiant but she can’t hold out forever
Lone Wolf has recovered and escaped her bonds. She conffronts DA but is tricked and falls under the power of the Domination device
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Hypnosis, Mind control, Superheroines, Made to cum, Orgasms, Mesmerize
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