London Lix – Ex Husband Ego Fuck Part 1

Part 1 of a 4-Part series. I’m your ex-wife but you’re still completely wrapped around my little finger, even after I left your pathetic ass, of course, so we have a little deal struck up. I pity-jerk you every once in a while, and in return, you do…whatever the fuck I want, at the expense of your own sex and social and financial life. Running errands, letting me use your credit card, emotionally manipulating you…whatever it might be that I need, it’s worth it, to be able to see the beautiful woman you lost in person again, and have her pay some attention to your dick. This has been going on a few months now and I’m getting a bit bored. So today I reveal to you I’m going to have to mix things up. I need you to keep things interesting for me. So I’m going to have to verbally annihilate you a little harder. I’m going to have to edge you a little closer, I’m going to take my own pleasure by sitting on your face…and usually I let you cum but today….hmm…I’m not so sure. Handjobs, Orgasm Denial Cleavage, Cock Tease, Cuckold Husband, Facesitting, Facesitting POV, Female Domination, Hot Wife, Lingerie, Sadism Fantasy,
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