Feb 032021

Life Art Model turns Vampire & Fang Bangs Teacher

Life Art Model turns Vampire & Fang Bangs Teacher
Alina is a teacher’s assistant for an Art Professor at the local University. Tonight she’s in charge of organizing the Life Model and making sure she is comfortable before Art Class Begins. Alina makes some last preperations and sets up all the easles’ with paper and pens. A few minutes later Karlee walks in. She’s wearing just a trench coat and high heeled boots. They both greet each other and Alina shows her where she will be sitting and what the artists will be doing. Karlee asks her how much time they have before the students arrive for the night class. Alina tells her thirty minutes. Alina then asks Karlee to strip so she can see her bush, (which is what the students are drawing) Karlee obliges and opens up the trench coat revealing her naked body. Alina nods her head with approval. Karlee just laughs in a weird way. She waits for Alina to turn her back then Karlee goes in and Fangs her neck. Alina tries to fight it for a few seconds, but she is powerless and lets her suck. A few minutes later Karlee proceeds to Fuck Alina silly. They dyke in multiple positions and they both cum. When they are finished having sex, Karlee Glamours Alina so that she doesn’t remember a thing. Karlee then sits on the elevated chair in front of the class and waits to reveal her beautiful body to everyone. Maybe she’ll get lucky and take home a student or two or three.
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