Diana vs Christina
LIBERTY, Christina Carter, is the cities iconic undefeated star spangled superheroine, her power belt gives her superpowers that she has fought crime with for a decade, one of the sexiest superheroine outfits ever. Liberty’s longtime archenemy is female crime boss Sydra, Diana Knight, so sexy, evil blonde in latex – she has defeated Sydra so many times that she considers the villainess almost a nuisance’ but something is different this time, for one thing, Sydra has this fight recored on live TV for all the world to see and through mysterious contacts Sydra has acquired a powerbelt supposedly equal to Libertys…suddenly the playing field is even! We are treated to one hell of a war as evenly they destroy and are destroyed; Sydra surprises Liberty with her power and gets her in the corner where she batters her breasts, a test of strength puts Liberty in control, she corners Sydra and now pulls her breasts out to give her a turn with chest pain, even some hard chest bumping as both ladies want to prove the power of their bosoms. Devastating holds are applied; camel clutches, bow and arrows, bear hugs and many more – both have power belts on and are out to see who has the most brut strength, classic battle of good versus evil and all live – Sydra does so love to talk to the viewing audience as slowly she starts to wear down our gorgeous superheroine. How evil can she be, her vengeance comes flowing out – all those times she lost – some one is going pay big time for all this pain !!!!!!
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