Lesbian Bedr00m B0ndage

Carissa is kneeling on the bed, knees spread, hands tied over her head, gagged with one long piece of duct tape. Dixie comes in and fondles and kisses her and slowly takes off the tape gag. They make out and Dixie fondles Carissas body. Dixie puts a ballgag in Carissas mouth and continues caressing her body and giving her gag kisses. Dixie puts on a strap-on, pulls the ballgag down around Carissa’s neck and makes Carissa give her cock a slow blowjob. Dixie puts the ballgag back on and moves herself underneath Carissa on the bed. Dixie gets her cock inside Carissas pussy and forces her bound girlfriend to ride her dick until she is cumming.

Dixie and Carissa are naked in bed together and are slowly deep kissing when Carissa announces that she wants to be tied and gagged. Dixie anticipated this and brought her little bag of fun with her to the bed. She brings out some rope and ties Caresss hand behind her back. She takes another rope and cleave gags Carissa with it. Dixie fondles Carissas big tits and makes out with her as Carissa straddles her. Then Carissa turns around and sits in-between Dixies legs…Dixie fondles her tits and pussy while making out with her ungagged and gagged mouth.

Carissa is tied spread eagle on the bed, laying face down. Dixie is caressing her backside while she kisses her back. Dixie hand gags Carissa before putting a cloth over her mouth to gag her. Still wearing her strap-on, Dixie gets behind her girlfriend, raises her ass into the air so her pussy is close to her cock. Dixie thrusts her strap-on into Carissas pussy, She fucks her doggy until she knows Carissa explodes with an orgasm. Dixie lays next to her, pulls down Carissas gag and passionately kisses her.
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