Well, we at Xtreme bring you only the hottest and most sensual girls in the biz. This title is no exception. Layla Sin, the reigning 2015 Penthouse Pet Of The Year is brutally attacked by the sexy girl next door Serena Blair. Layla took it to the strong brunette in the last fight, but this one is ALL Serena. Layla is completely and utterly dominated in this match which works it’s way all over the Xtreme house.. We start with Serena forcing Layla into the bathroom. You think she’s in for a little clean up. NO WAY! Serena is going to get dirty with the hottest of the hot and forced Layla to bend over and take a strap on dildo from behind. Over and over Serena slams into Layla’s pussy from behind while pulling on her long dark luscious hair. Layla is crying her submission, but to no avail. Serena just keeps on pumping and now Layla can’t help but go into an Xtreme cumming fit. More More More, the sexy Layla screams as she can no longer contain her orgasms, and orgasm she does as she screams “oh mu God” as loud as she can. Serena ends the torture with some pussy smacking before taking Layla into the living room. Here we are treated to more strap on fucking as Serena plows Layla like no one else can. Layla is on her stomach as Serena traps her arms behind her and closes Layla’s legs together. This makes for the ultimate tight entry of the strap on and Layla screams with delight, and torture. Serena fingers, slaps, pumps her victims pussy. You think she’s through? You think Layla’s sore pussy has had enough? Wrong! The vicious Serena sits on the couch and forces Layla down deep on top of her. You’ll marvel as Layla get pushed down DEEP onto the dildo and rides it like there’s no tomorrow!! She cums and cums and cums again and again as Serena laughs at her fallen prey.Are we done YET?? No we are not! Serena takes Layla outside and throws her into the back seat of her masters BMW and gets into the front. One final look at Layla, make, crying, defeated, in the back seat. Serena leans back, grabs Layla’s face and tell her there’s more to come!! What a beating Layla takes in this one.One of pain, AND pleasure. We at Xtreme pride ourselves on pairing up girls with chemistry, and we didn’t go wrong here. This one is chemistry plus. Serena Blair, Layla Sin, this one is a keeper!
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