Oct 142021

catfight porn

They say revenge is a dish best served cold but this rematch is blazing hot and the loser won’t forget this loss for a very long time. Ebony beauty Lana puts on a master class, high echelon grappling mixed with dominance and humiliation thrown in to keep it interesting. As soon as the match starts she facesits Andre into submission just to make her mad enough to fight with greater intensity. The taunting works and her foe traps her in a humiliating head scissor while slapping her exposed pussy. A humbling gvine with titties in the face of the woman beneath her and an arm bar combined with HOM isn’t even enough to tame Andre as she bounces back with a sexy facesit submission. A grueling reverse head scissor almost pops Andre’s head off and is followed up with a body scissor combined with pussy mauling. A rear naked submission leads to an arm bar and a triangle combined with an armbar and HOM. Lana is a beast and is done playing around. Andre’s not used to being handled by a bigger, stronger, more technical woman so she willingly gives up the pussy. She is writhing on the mat, begging and longing to be fucked as Lana plays with her pussy while devouring her tits. Lana chose a huge dick so that her rival would never forget the plowing she was delivering. The room is filled with the carnal moans, groans and screams as orgasm creeps nearer and nearer. Lana wraps her hands around her throat and Andre cums immediately as getting roughed up gets her off. Lana puts Andre against the wall, grabs her hair and fucks her to the floor leaving her pussy nice and creamy. This is proof once again that the loser must pay a high price at The Academy.
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