Oct 142020

Lady Suzanne – End it for good

Lady Suzanne – End it for good
Its fanatasy clip don’t belive this slut
Description: "Warning! This is a fantasy clip. Don’t take my words literally! But you can play along since it includes breath play and masturbation instruction. Proceed with caution though!" I will make you tie a rope around your neck, hang it to the ceiling and then stroke while doing certain things on my command. Until the end. The very end! And I will even count it down for you (both your orgasm and your end). In this clip I am sensually cruel and so sexy and persuasive that you will want to take it to the end. Beware!;)
mind fuck,brainwash

Duration: 00:11:42 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 525.86 MB

Download – Lady_Suzanne_-_End_it_for_good.mp4

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