Dec 052019

Lady Liberty Broken To Absolute Submissions

Lady Liberty Broken To Absolute Submissions
Liberty Lady confronts the international criminal Destro as he discusses the new weapon he is developing. She finds herself in a stalemate with the evil arms dealer and plans to finish it with old fashioned fistfighting until Destros deadlydarling the beautiful Baroness enters. The femme fatale has the drop on Liberty but decides they can fight it out “for fun”
Liberty now gets to see more of what the Baroness thinks is fun as she is taunted and threatened before the Baroness begins breaking her with a whip. The Baroness takes her time to let Liberty savor every lash.
The Baroness is very aroused by torturing the helpless heroine and progresses to using a wand (sometimes on herself) to make Liberty cum repeatedly until she cannot even stand. Baroness mocks Liberty throughout.
Liberty’s ordeal is not nearly finished. She is shackled in the most vulnerable position and Baroness plans to get her ready for Destro’s thick cock. Liberty cums harder and harder, becoming more submissive to the Baroness’s touch.
Liberty Lady is now trained in the proper way to worship the boots, feet and ass of her new Mistress
Baroness rewards Liberty by letting her worship her perfect pussy, and then dominates Liberty with the pleasure of her mouth
Destro has taken time from his evil machinations to enjoy to fruits of Baroness’s efforts, Liberty Lady is a completely submissive sex slave for his desires
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