Lady Fyre – Mind Fuck by Home Wrecking Secretary

I know you brought me on this business trip because I’m the only one of your secretaries your wife doesn’t think you’ll sleep with. I’ve always been so mousy & awkward, calling you sir & stumbling over my words as I thank you for the opportunity to prove how good I am. I leave you in your hotel room & promise to come back later to go over your itinerary. When I come back, you can’t believe I’m the same woman. No glasses, and smoking hot in a sex business dress & heels. My red hair is down, for once it’s not in a bun. You had no idea I’m so beautiful. Before you ask too many questions, I start to explain myself. When I was a young girl I realized that I have a secret power: I can control men with my stare. Even if they look at me too long they become mesmerized. This power was too great for me to control at a young age, so I repressed it. I became a nerdy girl, dressed frumpy, and made sure not to to attract attention. But after years of being used by you & being your best secretary but never being recognized for my talents, I just can’t take it anymore.

Stare at me, notice me. See? There’s such a hyp.n0.tic effect. You can feel it when I stare at you. Now get on the bed. I’m going to take what belongs to me. I want payment for years of service to you. You know you can’t resist me now. Your wife was wrong about me; you were wrong about me. You can’t believe you never saw it before: my beautiful face, my big breasts. you have to have me. You’re going to cum inside me, impregnate me. The will be yours, and your money will be mine. Cum now, boss. You can’t pull away from my powers, you can’t look away, you can’t get me out of your head. Give me your seed.

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