Lady Deadp00l in That was C00l and Expl0dy

Scene One: My common sense is tingling

Lady pool lounges on the couch when she bolts upright. My common sense is tingling. Time to knuckle up She laughs. At that very moment Super Gurl is giving instructions to find and capture Lady Deadpool once and for all. Remember you will if she makes you cum Super Gurl warns.

The first man approaches her house unaware of Lady Deadpool’s trap. With a whack she knocks him in the balls and he . Look who fucked up Lady Deadpool says to him tied up, naked with his legs spread. You’re going to tell me everything you know and then your going to . Sucks for you She laughs stroking his cock. She tells jokes and taunts him as she slowly jerks his cock until he explodes and takes his last breaths. What a mess Lady Deadpool says.

Scene Two: A duck walks into a bar

Super Gurl’s next henchman doesnt do any better. She kisses her whacking club as she knocks him as he tries to break in the front door. He wakes up naked and tied to the bed. He can’t let her make him cum, that’s what Super Gurl told him. With her tits out she strokes his cock teasing him as he tries not to get hard.

He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out from her slow non-stop stroking. Any last words? She asks, feeling his balls tighten. Her strong grip and slow steady jerking makes him cum his last orgasm ever into her hand. God damn it! She says her hands covered in cum.
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