STARRING: BELLA LUCIANO Its Lois Laynes birthday and her man of steel cant be there to join her. Lois is disappointed, but soon finds out he has given her an amazing gift in his absence, a watch that will give her the same superpowers as him! While taking a shortcut through an alley, Lois is ambushed by a thug who wants to make her birthday special for him. After she is knocked out, he brings her to an abandoned building where he takes his time with the sexy reporter. After surviving the ordeal, Lois returns home and puts on the watch, transforming into Super Lois and feeling true superpowers for the first time. Seeking revenge, Lois returns to where she was tortured luckily finding the thug and decides to get justice for herself. Begging for his life, the thug tries to bribe Lois to let him live with a beautiful ring he had stolen from another woman. As soon as she lays her eyes on it, she is overtaken by a strange desire and realizes it is not an ordinary red jewel, it is Red Kryptonite! The stone consumes her and she cant fight the fire and passion building in her, she is under his power. Lois gives herself to the stranger, but what will happen when the power wears off and she has to face what she has done?
Keywords: super, heroine, costume, spandex, rope, bondage, vibe, hypnosis, damsel
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