Kryptonite’s Control – Andrea Rosu & Mz Kim

I, Supergirl (played by Andrea Rosu), am shocked by how weak I am to the power of Kryptonite. This places me in a very vulnerable position, and I’m insistent that I build strength and immunity. I got ahold of a piece of kryptonite, and am trailing it over my body. It burns and emanates heat, but I will prevail.
As I’m training my body, Mz Kim: my nemesis, walks in. I tell her that I will no longer be a victim to her supernatural hold. She laughs, finds this adorable. Kim takes out another piece of kryptonite, and I don’t stand a chance. Kim toys and plays with me. Manipulates my body in sexual and humiliating ways. She strips me down to a micro bikini, exposes my breasts, bends me over, plays with my jiggly large ass. I try to fight her seduction, but with no avail. Her power over me is too much to bare!
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