Oct 282021

Golden Hollywood is a super heroine with her golden bikini, mask and boots, she is taking on the super villain, Killer Kristie.  Killer wants to know what’s in Hollywood’s bag but is told she will find out later.  The supers lock up and our battle royal begins, it’s a back and forth brawl that has Golden putting on one amazing Boston crab and Killer battering Hollywood with her large breasts. Each gets a chance to corner her foe and unload with blows and kicks but it’s their great holds that make this a stand out match, but when Killer finds her way into Hollywood’s bag and uses the rope to choke her and then uses the billy club to batter her entire body then choke her, now she really is able to destroy her rag doll foe.  Killer Kristie is merciless even dragging the Golden one by the hair as on all fours she is humiliated then picks her up and carries her around the ring… wait, Hollywood has a choke on Killer even as she is being carried, yes, yes she is now in control but can it last, she has little strength left and one of these two will do a lot more destruction and one will be tied and left hanging over the edge of the ring.  A battle for the ages and the supers !!!!!
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