*KJ* Batw0man: Seducti0n double cr0ss

Catwoman is up to her old tricks again and this time she’s broken into the subteranean holding bank housing a rare green kryptonite gem. She’s been searching for the stone for ages knowing not only will it bring a high price on the black market when sold to one of Gotham’s wealthiest super villains, but can also be used to take down that pesky brat Super Girl! Just as she’s about to pocket the crystal and make her exit, the hero in black and red shows up. Batwoman has been trailing the cocky cat and waiting for just the right time to ambush her! The two face off, the crimson detective throwing punches and the slinky feline retaliating with her claws. Batwoman delivers a high kick knocking Catwoman backwards and throwing her off enough so the superheroine can surprise her from behind and choke her out. The cat’s eyes flutter as her vision fades into darkness.When the feisty little pussy awakes she’s been bound with her hands tied behind her head. She struggles and hisses at Batwoman to let her go, but the heroine has other plans in store. The red knight slowly fondles the villain, toying with her like a little mouse and reaching her hand inside of her costume. What she pulls out is certainly intriguing, it’s a syringe full of liquid which due to recent events involving Poison Ivy, Batwoman can only surmise is one of the botanists seduction serums. Catwoman instantly recoils and begs the Bat to throw it away, but instead the hero grabs her arm and plunges the needle into a vein. Suddenly Catwoman’s attitude changes and she becomes over come with desire for the detective. Knowing she has the villain right where she wants her, Batwoman unties the ropes around her wrists and Catwoman sits up for long deep kiss. Batwoman works her mouth down Catwoman’s body, licking her nipples, stroking her tits and then plunging her tongue into the feline’s wet pussy. The horny minx purrs in pleasure as Batwoman licks her clit and finger fucks her. The hero then sits on Catwoman’s face bouncing her pussy up and down for a tongue fucking, moaning while the cat laps up her juices. They haven’t had enough yet and the bat pulls an emergency double ended dildo out of her utility belt for them to fuck. She shoves it down Catwoman’s throat first to get it slippery before sliding it in her waiting cunt. They scream in extacy with the giant cock colapsing into eachothers arms. After kissing her once more, Batoman puts Catwoman into a locked cell. She’s had her fun and now it’s time for the cat to get hauled away by the cops. Kendra James, Nikki Brooks, superheroines, super villains, cosplay, costumes, mind control, lesbian domination, lesbian sex, girl girl, pussy licking, oral sex, finger fucking, double ended dildo, kissing, peril, knock out, cat fight, KO, choke out, high kick, forced orgasm, hitachi, parody, captive, heroine in distress, sexual humiliation, tribadism, boots, catsuit, bondage, rope
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