Nov 032021

This is a scene from our XBIZ Fetish Release of the Year winner, Mindfucked: A Cult Classic.Kira Noir has joined what she thinks is a self-help group that will help empower her and help make her rich. But when she refuses to sell her car to pay for more and more expensive programs, she is ushered into the leaders office, and soon realizes shes in a cult and in big trouble.Now, the sadistic leader makes Kira prove her devotion by stripping and submitting to shocks from a bug zapper and other electrical toys. Not nearly finished yet, the guru canes Kira and smacks her ass with a strap. As a final show of devotion, Kira must kiss the leaders feet.
Artists: Kira Noir, Mistress Maia McQueen
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,spanking ,submission,humiliation,ebony,paddling,flogging,mind control,mind fuck

Duration: 00:22:16 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 807.82 MB

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