Jun 122021

Kinki Cory – Cory Chase in Ruined Slave

Kinki Cory – Cory Chase in Ruined Slave
Scene One: Slave Demo

Cory is going to give you some slave training. She makes you put on some pink frilly panties and stroke it in your outfit for her. Stroke as you suck on her black heels. Make mistresses boots nice and clean

Do you want to see what an obedient slave can do for her mistress? She brings in her slave wearing a pair of panties and a collar so you can see what she does to slaves like you. Cory flogs him whipping his ass red as he tells her Yes mistress

Tell me how much you want to be this pathetic little slave She yells at you as her whip mercilessly destroys him and she rests her boots on top of him.

Scene Two: Pain for slave

You want to be him don’t you? Cory asks as she continues to whip him. She takes off her black panties and teases him with her pussy. For her enjoyment he has to worship her ass with his tongue, Every part of him only lives to serve her.

For licking her ass and pussy so well he deserves a reward. She grabs a butt plug and pushes it up his ass filling him to breaking. Putting his panties back around the plug she makes him get to his knees and suck on her strap on cock. Drool drops to the floor and she tells him Slaves that make a mess have to clean it up
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