Apr 232022

Yes it’s true, I’m SuperGirl’s evil clone, and I finally captured you! Now you you need to come to the evil side, and leave those super heroes behind. I strap you to a chair and shove my smelly dirty feet in your face! My plan to lure you over to the dark side is working! There is no way you can say no to my stinky feet… I see you pull out a weapon and shoot me with it "You think your little gadgets will work on me? You’re wrong! I’m invincible." But then I begin to feel ill, and lose all my strength.. I fall to the ground and melt down into a puddle! The only thing to cause this is kryptonite – my worst nightmare! Boots,Cosplay,Costume,damsel in distress,superhero
tags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,humiliation,superheroines adult movies,fantasy supergirl foot worship

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