Kendra James & Sage Pillar: Poison Ivy turns Super Girl into her Lesbian Slave

Poison Ivy is creating a new mind control neurotoxin resistant to any of the antidotes the superheroes have, but she needs one last ingredient – a rare plant found only in certain parts of the universe. Just as she’s plotting how to retrieve the precious plant, Supergirl barges in ready to take her to Arkham. The villainess is ready for her and blows a plume of pheromones into her face, but the girl of steel reacts immediately and uses a powerful breath to blow the away the spores, she then catches the villain by surprise with a punch to the face. Poison Ivy drops to her knee at the power of the punch, momentarily stunned. The cocky superheroine suanters behind her, lifts Ivy up by the throat and prepares to deliver a final blow, but Ivy recovers and spins Super girl around to plant a poison kiss on her lips. Her aphrodisiac lipstick works quickly and Super Girl becomes dizzy, confused and weak enough for Ivy push down and have her way with. The girl of steel weakly tries to resist as Ivy kisses her juicy lips and runs her hands over the heroines tits, but to no avail. Soon the aphrodisiac is doing it’s job and the superhero succumbs to the villain’s seduction. Poison Ivy lifts Super Girl’s skirt and teases her wet pussy with her fingers as the dizzy mind controlled hero throws back her head and moans. Ivy finger fucks and pussy licks the superheroine, plunging deeper into her wet pussy as she runs her tongue over her clit. The heroine thrusts her hips and orgasms in Ivy’s mouth, her eyes wide and glowing green. Now it’s the villain’s turn to cum and she rides Super Girl’s face, grinding her pussy onto her soft lips. Supergirl laps up Ivy’s juices, eager to make her new mistress orgasm and hungry for more. The villain bounces up and down, her tits jiggling as she cums. Now it’s time for Ivy’s new mind controlled minion to retrieve the rare plant to finish the neurotixin… or so Ivy thinks…
Evil Supergirl enters, admiring her new black and silver costume and showing it off to Poison Ivy. She loves this new feeling of being so bad. Now Ivy instructs her to locate and bring her the plant, but the heroine gone rogue simply laughs in her face. She’s now most powerful being on the planet, what use does she have for a partner? The tables have turned and the girl of steel gone bad grabs Ivy by the throat, choking her. The villain blows pheremones into her face to bring her back under control, but Supergirl just inhales them. She’s now immune. Instead, she punches Ivy, knocking her out. It’s time she had her own fun and the evil girl of steel begins kissing the barely conscious super villain, playing with her tits and gliding her fingers down to Ivy’s pussy. She finger fucks the senseless villain, teasing her clit and slowly licking her pussy. Ivy comes to and realizes what’s happening but is too weak to put up a fight. All she can do is lay back and get her just deserts. Evil Supergirl orgasm controls Ivy, making her cum with her tongue and fingers before face sitting the villain. The rogue heroine thrusts her wet pussy onto Ivy’s face, riding her and using her mouth. She cums on Ivy’s face, smearing her lipstick with pussy juice as she orgasms loudly. She’s had her fun and now it’s time to reintroduce herself to the world!
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