Kendra James: Batgirl Barbie!

Batgirl has gotten a tipoff there may be foul play afoot. She arrives to an unknown villain’s hideout, but there’s no one there and no sign of anything amiss. As she’s exploring her surroundings a disembodied voice emerges filling the room. Batgirl realizes it’s the evil Count Kinque, but how?! He disappeared in a massive explosion at his lab the likes of which no one could have survived! He explains his molecular modifier preserved his existence, but only as a dissembodied intelligence and he’s spent the last months developing his mental abilities which he demonstrates now. Suddenly Batgirl no longer has control of her body. She finds her hands coming towards her face and trying to pull down her mask. She resists the his mind control, but in the end cannot resist and desperately pulls her mask down to reveal her secret identity. Count Kinque cackles as Barbara Gordon shamefully tries to hide her face. Before she knows it she’s removing her costume, pulling the gloves off, her leotard down, exposing her breasts and desperatley trying to resist his feindish mind control the whole time. Once fully exposed, the Count forces her to put on a new uniform, something very revealing and extra tight. The humiliated heroine can do nothing but follow his orders and lace the new corset extra tight. She pulls on the sheer black nylons and poses for the master of mind control, sticking out her naked breasts and pointing her toes. The final piece of the new costume is a pair of impossibly high ballet boots! Batgirl sobs in dispare as Count Kinque forces her into a bondage position with her wrists and ankles crossed as he admires his new bat barbie.
Bound and helpless, Barbara Gordon is seated on the floor, a strict crotch rope between her legs and a rope tied to the pole behind her. All she can do is struggle as the Count gloats over her defeat. Poor bat barbie can struggle all she wants, but if she doesn’t make it to the ticking time-bomb before it goes off, she’ll be done. Batgirl pulls on the ropes binding her ankles and wrists and tugs at the waist rope tied to the pole. If she can just get free and squirm over to the bom in time, she might just make it. Suddenly the waist rope come loose and she wiggles inch by inch to the device reaching it just in the nick of time to disarm it with her outstretched toes. Unfortunately for her this isn’t the only perilous situation the Count has in store for her and the next one is sure to entertain his insidious intentions further.
Batgirl is now tied on her knees, her wrists and ankles bound behind her back and a crotch rope between her legs. Her eyes are tightly shut as Count Kinque has instructed, but she begs to open them. Finally he allows her to open her eyes and as she does she realizes there’s a huge dildo directly in front of her face. As she gasps in disgust and horror, Count Kinque explains there’s a serum inside the phallus that will temporarily endow Batgirl with super strength to break free of the ropes and escape. All she has to do is suck. The bound superheroine refuses, she’ll never sink to such a disgusting act! But the Count has another trick up his sleeve, if she doesn’t suck then the collar around her neck will get tighter eventually cutting off her air completely. As f on cue, the collar begins to tighten. Bat barbie gasps and after another look at the cock with revulsion, tentatively starts to suck. Her lips purse, her cheeks hollow and she sucks dick as if her life depended on it! Will the heroine break free or is the feindish villain merely toying with her again?
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