Kendra James & Arietta Adams: Ivy has Batgirl on her knees begging for more! HD

Batgirl has stumbled into Poison Ivy’s lair, but the villainess is nowhere to be found. The naive hero lets her guard down and turns her back for one moment and in that moment Poison Ivy makes her move. She spins the redhead around and plants a kiss right on her lips. Of course it’s not just any kiss, but one powered by Ivy’s toxic nympho lipstick. Batgirl stumbles back getting woozy and confused and Ivy takes the opportunity to gloat over her victory before kissing the hero again and leaving more nympho spores on her lips to magically control her conquest. Soon Batgirl is under Ivy’s control and begging to serve. The villainess strips the hero of her boots and cape and works her way down to her super pussy, tasting her pink clit and making Batgirl moan. The super heroine is about to begin her new life as Poison Ivy’s mesmerized sex toy!
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