Kendra James and Nyssa Nevers:Batwoman takes down Lady Hit Achi! HD

Nyssa, the head hit woman of the “Hitachi School girls hit squad”, is about to take out her next target, a high profile political figure, when Batwoman steps in to stop her. Not one for getting her impeccably sexy school girl uniform dirty, the marks woman reaches for her new bondage ray. With a flash the scarlet detective in bound, gagged and half naked on the bed. Seeing the helpless hero on the bound and vulnerable Hitachi’s raging hormones take over her. Remembering last weeks lesson about how to take your opponent out with the squads favorite interrogation implament the hitachi magic wand, she can’t wait to try the ancient technique of getting rid of her adversary with a mind melting orgasm. Batwoman struggles with the ropes around her trying to free herself as the rhythmic hum of the school girl’s toy vibrates her throbbing vagina. As the uncontrollable natural build up of ecstasy gets closer Batwoman feverishly cuts at the ropes holding her down. Then just as the orgasm comes the hero is able to cut the last bit of thread holding her hands together. The young Hitachi thinks she has successfully performed the orgasmic mind melt and lowers her guard just for a second – the only second Batwoman needs to deliver a knee buckling right hook. Knocking out her naughty captor. Hitachi awakes only to find the tables have turned, the only difference is she is no longer wearing panties and a very upset Batwoman is standing over her wearing a very large strap on. Pissed and looking for revenge for the humiliation the school girl put her through the angry bat rams her dildo deep in the pussy. Not ready for such a large object Hitachi winces with pain and pleasure at the same time. With every thrust Batwoman’s toy gets more and more lubricated making it easier for it to slide in and out deeper and deeper. Hitachi is overwhelmed by emotions and sensation she has never known existed because of her cults vow of celibacy and virginity. Furious she’s been captured, but she cannot help but enjoy the rush of the building orgasm and the stiff long cock ramming in and out of her now dripping pussy. Then suddenly comes the rush of endorphins and the climax of the orgasm so strong it curls the girls toes. Unfortunately for Hitachi Batwoman is not going to be the kind of lover that collapses on the pillow next to her to hold her after the first orgasm of her life. Batwoman is a very cruel lover and she will leave the tied to the bed with her legs still in the air for every policeman to see, the once great leader of the Hitachi School Girl Hit squad reduced to a sweaty dripping fucked mess.
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