Kendra James and Ivy Secrets: Ivy has a secret for Batwoman! HD

Batwoman is going to visit renowned bio chemist Dr Secrets who claims to have developed the ultimate all in one antidote for the Joker’s laughing, Poison Ivy’s seduction serum and any other number of nefarious neuro toxins the fiendish villains might be using. She presents her finding to the crimson knight explaining her process and promising the antidote has been perfected. Batwoman foolishly drinks the elixir, trusting the chemist completely as the scientist looks on intently. Once again the superheroine has walked right into a trap and the chemist is none other than Poison Ivy herself who has captured the real Dr Secrets and locked her away. Batwoman’s head spins, she starts to get woozy and stumble forward as Ivy removes her lab coat and reveals her true self. Silly bat, she should know better than to drink something without testing it in the bat bio tester first! Batwoman tries to regain control, but stumbles and topples forward instead. Poison Ivy teases her tits underneath the armor and giggles about how easy this was. When the super heroine comes to, she’s mesmerized by Ivy’s elixir. To reinforce the effects, Ivy kisses her with her poison lips, allowing the potion to further work it’s way through Batwoman’s body and brainwash her completely. The heroine can only follow orders now and wants nothing more than to serve her mistress. The super villain orders Batwoman to worship her body beginning with her feet, moving up her legs and then pleasuring her pussy. The defeated heroine licks Poison Ivy’s nectar dripping from her perfect flower and making the villain moan. The elixir has made Batwoman especially horny and she begs for her own orgasm, so Poison Ivy brings in a machine to use the red detective’s pussy and make her cum. As the fucking machine pumps Batwoman’s wet cunt, she licks Ivy’s pussy and the two orgasm at the same time. What a perfect humiliation to the city’s superhero!
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