Jan 132022

Catwoman is reclining in bed after a recent heist on the Gotham Museum where she’s stolen the renowned pink panther diamond. Batgirl was lucky enough to tail her back to the villain’s lair where she bursts in and confronts the slinky minx. Catwoman simply laughs and with one scratch renders the superheroine helpless! Her new venom claws are courtesy of Poison Ivy and the serum works quickly through the bloodstream to cause the recipient to become a bimbofied nympho. Before she knows what’s happening Batgirl is a horny slut begging for her itch to be scratched. Catwoman strips the superheroine, even removing her mask to reveal her true identity! When she’s down her to her boots and gloves Catwoman buries her face between Batgirl’s legs lapping her pretty pussy and making her purr. It’s not enough for the horny heroine and Catwoman soon gets a nice big cock to fill her cave! Batgirl rides Catwoman’s strap on, moaning and begging for more!
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