Kendra James and Abigail Mac: Ivy makes Wonder Woman her mesmerized girlfriend! HD mp4

Wonder Woman wakes bound and gagged after her run in with Poison Ivy. The princess of the amazons tries in vain to free herself from the wretched plant’s unbreakable vines. Notified by her guests struggles Ivy enters the room to check on her. She taunts the Amazon for a while and informs her she has one more experiment for Wonder Woman, a new aphrodisiac dust. Poison Ivy goes in for a kiss before blowing the sexualized spores into the bound hero’s face. The effects take hold as Wonder Woman swears allegiance to the Queen of the plants. Ivy unties her new sex slave and commands her to worship her long green legs. Wonder Woman kisses and licks Ivy’s stocking, begging the whole time for ways she can serve her new mistress. The green villain lays the amazon down and tears off the tight pantyhose covering the glistening vagina of the Wonder Woman. This is a delight and Ivy has thought many times what she’d do and what the amazon’s pussy tastes like. The villain thrusts her head between the princesses legs, sucking and licking at her dripping cunt. Wonder Woman moans in ecstasy as her mistress penetrates her with her fingers and tongue until she can take no more. Wonder Woman screams out from the explosive orgasm she has received. Now wanting to make her mistress happy and also wanting to taste the sweet pussy of Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, reverses the role. Now she is the one ripping at the stockings and shoving her head deep in the waiting pussy of Poison Ivy. Ivy moans in pleasure and excitement as she realizes now she can never be stopped.<p>includes: Kendra James, Abigail Mac, super heroines, super villain, cosplay, pantyhose, spandex, brain washing, mesmerize, lesbian domination, girl girl, oral sex, dc comics, parody, peril, bondage, pussy licking
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