Mar 182021

Kelly Sunshine – Agonizing Orgasm Control

Kelly Sunshine – Agonizing Orgasm Control
I had such an intense session with one of My slaves last night. I kept him locked in chastity for hours while I teased, t0rtur3d and interrogated him for blackmail information. It’s amazing what a man will admit when he’s desperately turned on. That weakened mind state really does something to a person because within hours of his release, he was begging for more. All you helpless slave boys need to realize one thing though. I OWN YOU. I own your cock. I control you and your pleasure. Playing with Me is a dangerous game, and I always win. "Fun" to Me means ruthless humiliation, agonizing edging and orgasm control, and devious mind-fuckery. Mmm, mmm, mmm… Let’s go.
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