Keely Rose (with Bernard Sanchez) in Lewd Supervillain Victories: Lured by Villain Flunkies, Part…

Buxom radiant redhead Keely is a stunner, no doubt about it, and seeing her like this is just gonna prove overwhelming to the senses. Take your chances anyway and check her out as she is bound on a bed in the buff, wrists tied to one end and ankles to the other. Her all-natural yet firm breasts jiggle as if needing attention as the flunkies tease and ultimately panel ballgag her. Groped mercilessly, she takes it well enough, clearly either tolerant or even enjoying the experience. One flunkie is left behind as he promises to behave and does so, for the most part. A little dry humping though is in order as he gets on top and enjoys himself, handgagging her when she gets restive despite the gag already in place. She is fondled and titty sucked as well until he’s had his fun and gets up. Her struggling is both sensual and attention-grabbing. She exudes innocence despite that red hair being a clear indicator of the devil inside! Lots of lingering closeups as she accepts the gaze as expected due to her hotness. Eventually, the villains return and untie her for another round of captivity elsewhere. The panel gag comes off and her sardonic responses get her handgagged as she is felt up and then taken away for more. Not one to be missed!
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