Kara Lee in Vampire Hunter

Supernatural Hunter Kara Lee is hot on the trail of Cory Chase the cum-vampire. Kara tracked Cory to her lair. Kara takes her light emiting weapon out and goes into the bedroom. Cory attacks Kara from behind and puts a sleepy soaked rag on Kara’s face. Kara struggles to break free but she drops her weapon then she starts to get weak. Her eyes roll back while Cory forces Kara on the bed. Cory removed the rag from the now limp Kara…
Cory starts to touch and grope Kara, then starts to strip her. Once Kara was naked Cory goes to the night stand and takes out a bottle of sleepy juice, dust mask and a strap-on. Cory pours the juice on the dust mask then puts it on Kara’s face. Cory had a evil grin as she tells Kara we can’t have you waking up, this mask should keep you asleep. Cory starts to fondle Kara then Cory started to take her own clothes off.
Cory climbs on the bed and gives Kara a hot body rub. Cory makes Kara feel her tits and pussy making Cory moan at the touch. Cory rubs and licks Kara’s boobs and nipples then starts to finger and licks Kara’s pussy until she cums in a sleep induced haze. Cory begins to feed on Kara’s pussy juice as Kara was moaning and twitching. Cory sucks Kara’s pussy juice dry but she wanted more… Cory picks up the strap-on, then fucks Kara with it making her cum even harder.
Cory then started to feed on Kara’s pussy juice making Kara moan and twitch once again. Cory sucks Kara’s pussy juice dry with a mischievous smile. Cory then tells the sleepy Kara what a good feed and your cum tasted wonderful. “I’m keeping you!” says Cory as she admires Kara’s gorgeous body…
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