Jan 122022

Christina Carter (Wonder Woman) goes to attack villainess Hannah Perez, who shows her the Justice League was compromised on her phone. Hannah Perez pulls out lasso of truth, which lets her control Christina Carter. Hannah Perez gropes Christina Carter all over, opens her shirt and rubs inside Christina Carter’s panties, making her orgasm. Then Hannah Perez enters Christina Carter while standing, rubbing her breasts and controlling her waist, and Christina Carter orgasms aloud. Then Christina Carter grinds and sways into Hannah Perez’s lap, while Hannah Perez gropes her and unbuttons her shirt and plays with her breast. Hannah Perez makes Christina Carter cum. Hannah Perez stands Christina Carter up by pulling off her panties, and Christina Carter does a lap dance, grinding, wiggling, swaying and bouncing her hips on Hannah Perez’s dick. Christina Carter rides Hannah Perez hard, gradually slows, but Hannah Perez slaps her ass, making her ride fast again, until she cums. Then Hannah Perez stands, tuns Christina Carter to face her and lowers her into her dick. Christina Carter bounces and grinds, while Christina Carter sucks and plays with Christina Carter’s breasts. Hannah Perez snaps her fingers, and Christina Carter is tied in front. Christina Carter does more cowgirl with hands tied behind her back, while Hannah Perez grabs and spanks her ass and tits. They switch to sitting up right position, and Hannah Perez sucks Christina Carter’s boobs. Then they do lap sitting on bed with hands tied behind. Hannah Perez lays Christina Carter down on couch, lifts her legs up and rubs Christina Carter’s pussy. Hannah Perez enters Christina Carter while holding her legs together on one shoulder. Christina Carter sexily crosses her legs and orgasms. Hannah Perez lays behind Christina Carter, gropes her and enters her. Hannah Perez makes Christina Carter cum.
Epilogue 1: Hannah Perez takes Christina Carter facing the wall. After a while she turns her away from the way and takes her in standing position. They end on lap dance.
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