Kanary’s Cry

Actress: Kara Lee as Black Canary
An angry defendant ruins both careers of Black Canary. Her civilian life as district attorney, Laurel Lance and her life of heroism as Black Canary are utterly destroyed by a single villain. The movie quickly establishes the villain’s motivation to force Laurel Lance to drop charges against in him.

This motivation leads to Black Canary’s first defeat at the DA’s office. A heroine’s defeat at her job is a brilliant idea. A superheroine does not expect a common criminal to defeat her at her job. He has no idea that she is also Black Canary in the first half of the film. This villain is willing to do anything such as breaking into the DA’s office and filming a sex tape with Laurel Lance on his smartphone!

Furthermore, the movie establishes the villain as a major enemy. His unnatural strength and bulletproof skin give him an advantage over Black Canary. His ultimate advantage is discovering Black Canary’s identity! The villain unmasks Black Canary to discover she is also Laurel Lance! All of the cards are in his hands. The superheroine becomes a super slut in shame!
Black Canary is one DC’s sexiest superheroines. Her design screams sex appeal, and grabs a reader’s attention. We can enjoy her sexiness in Kanary’s Cry by Cory Smash. This superheroine porn parody stars Kara Lee as Black Canary. This porn parody is the downfall of one of the hottest superheroines from comics.
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