K1mber W00ds in Super G1rl vs Bat Girl

Scene One: Kiss MeSuper Gurl has been ! Bat Gurl uses all of her detective skills to track down her best friend. She finds Super Gurl sitting in a chair. kiss me Super Gurl whispers. She whispers again. kiss me Bat Gurl quickly kisses her friend thinking it’s the only way to save her. Instantly Bat Gurl feels wrong. She begins to shake as a toxin runs through her body. Super Gurl’s lips smeared in lipstick with poison. Bat Gurl feels desperately aroused and unable to control herself. Why do I feel this way. What did you do to me! She screams.I’m no longer your friend, I’m a super slut and your my little slutty side kick She laughs. Super Gurl pushes her to the floor and sprays her with more slut serum. No Bat Gurl pleads. I love you Super Gurl… Super Gurl pulls up her skirt and shoves her former friends face into it. With uncontrollable lust Bat Gurl licks her. I will do anything for you She whispers. Make Super Gurl cum She demands and watches as her sidekick licks her to orgasm.Scene Two: Slut trainingSuper Gurl wears a strap-on as she looks down at her new pet. Can I suck it Bat Gurl pleads with her. She makes her choke on the large cock going down her throat. Bat Gurl worships and sucks on it like a pro. She only wants to make her mistress happy.Are you going to be a good little bat slut? Super Gurl asks putting Bat Gurl on all fours and sliding her wet cock inside. Bat Gurl pulls out her perky tits as she’s driven hard into the couch. She has a stuttering moan, the cock going in and out of her tight pussy. I’ll do anything you want Super Gurl She screams at the height of lust and cums like a slut.Super Gurl has her and brings her to the floor. She sprays her with the lust serum one last time before bending her over and spreading her legs. A hard metal butt plug pushes inside of her and Bat Gurl screams in pain. The pain is so great that she , used and spent, on the couch.Scene Three: Making him talkBat Gurl wakes up, the toxins worn off. She finds that one of Super Gurl’s henchmen is guarding her. Sneaking behind him she sprays him in the face with the toxic lust serum. Where is that super bitch! She yells at him. When he doesnt answer she uses the toxin’s powers against him, rubbing his crotch and demanding that he tell her everything.He can’t help but get hard when she pulls down his pants and puts his big cock into her mouth. She will do anything to get back at that bitch who used her. She tit fucks him, sucks his cock and strokes him hard until he cums all over her cute little bat face. Tell me, where is she She demands in his weakened state. Super Gurl comes out of the next room, surprising her and spraying her in the face. Turning her once again into her little bat slave. The perfect slut trap.Scene Four: Rough trainingBat Gurl needs to be taught to be a good slut. Another henchman comes in to do just that. Grabbing her by the throat he slaps her face and gropes her tits roughly. He pulls down his pants and drives her head down onto his cock. Bat Gurl can’t help but be subservient to the strong man who’s using her like a sex doll. He tosses her onto the couch, ass up in the air and gives her a few slaps before penetrating her used pussy.Bat Gurl squeals at the sensation of being violated by the big cock. OH FUCK She screams while he destroys her. Scene Five: Anal TrainingBat Gurls squeals and screams echo through the house as the man fucks her pussy hard and slaps her face. On the edge of sanity she can only helplessly be fucked. He tells her about the ass fucking she’s about to receive and slowly pulls the butt plug from her ass.The pain on her face is real when he pushes himself inside her asshole. She can barely stand it screaming Ow Without the will to fight she opens her mouth and waits for his hot stream of cum to taste. Cum drips down her face and Super Gurl tells her to put her butt plug back in. She’s going to be a good sidekick slut for her…
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