Jyuukaizar Special: Machine’s bait! Violated Jyuu Pink

Mio Kamishiro
The mecha empire Sharmashiena has set its sights on the specially-powered Jyuu Pink and plans to defeat the Jyuukaizars, the greatest obstacle to its domination of the earth. The great executive Shilindark mass-produces the Jarbots that have been defeated so far and forces them to attack Jyuu Pink. Jyuu Pink was cornered, but with the help of her colleagues, she managed to defeat her enemies and seemed to be in a safe…But she’s got captured by the enemy’s sneaky tactics. She attempted to break out of the pinch but was finally defeated by two of the strongest weapons, Hellcommander Alpha and Beta, which destroyed not only her body but also her spirit. What will be the fate of Jyuu Pink? [BAD ENDING]
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