Joslyn Jane in Charming Champion

Charming Champion is the newest video for Cory Chase’s store Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures at Clips4Sale. It stars Joslyn Jane in her debut as Charming Champion. Jmac returns as High Frequency, and Luke Longly plays the boss of The Revenge Crew, Mr. Tropical.
Scene One: Bad Cop aka High Frequency
National City’s newest super-heroine Champion Girl is on patrol! She is investigating a break in at Mayor Franklin’s office. She arrives at the scene in the mayor’s office and says.”Someone broke into Mayor Franklin’s office! I bet the Revenge Crew broke into the office. But I wonder what they wanted?” Champion Girl begins to look for clues while Officer Mac checks her out from behind. Little does she know he is actually High Frequency and he plans to get the jump on her! Then, Officer Mac grabs Champion Girl’s big tits from behind and begin to play with her tits. Champion Girl, “Hey! What are you doing officer?” High Frequency, “I’m not a cop, Champion Girl. It’s me High Frequency and I know playing with your tits makes you weak and horny”. High Frequency turns Champion Girl around to get a squeeze on her tits, and he takes them out. Champion Girl is becoming weak and horny. She’s not able to resist him as he begins to suck her tits and even kisses her! High Frequency leads Champion Girl on her knees to suck his dick. He also fucks her tits. Then, High Frequency cums in her mouth. High Frequency zips up his pants and says, “Thanks for the BJ Champion Girl. Consider this a warning from the Revenge Crew”. He grabs a folder from the desk and leaves.
Scene Two: Extortion of Champion Girl
High Frequency hands Mr. Tropical the red envelope that he stole from the Mayor’s office. “This is the list of all the secret identity’s of the superheroes!” Mr. Tropical tells him. “Champion Girl is really news reporter Joslyn Jane!” he says. All of a sudden, Champion Girl appears in the office and tells them to stop what they are doing. “We know you’re really the news reporter! Now take off all of your clothes except for your boots and belt. Otherwise, we’ll tell everyone who you are!” Mr. Tropical says. Once she is naked, High Frequency comes up behind her and he grabs her tits to make her weak and horny. He starts to suck on her big, natural tits. Then he pulls his cock out so she can give him a blowjob and fuck his cock with her titty’s. He bends her over on the black, leather couch and he starts to fuck her pussy from behind. She is so horny that she can’t take it! “That cock feels so good!” she moans. He flips her over on her back and he spits on her pussy before he shoves his cock back in her pussy. He fucks her pussy harder and harder while her moans get louder. He puts her back in the doggystyle position and she moans “I love that fucking dick!” She hops on top of him and she rides his big cock while her big tits bounce up and down. Then he tells her to get on her knees and he jerks his cock off in to her mouth and on her face. After she swallows his cum, her eyes start to close again.
Scene Three: Fucked By The Boss
Mr. Tropical walks up to Champion Girl and he starts to play with her big tits to make her weak. Then he pulls his cock out for her to give him a blowjob. “You’re just a slut under there!” he tells her. He lies her back down on the couch and he starts to fuck her pussy. He puts his hand around her throat while he fucks her. She gets in to the doggystyle position and he keeps fucking her pussy. “Next time we will bring Super Girl in here to join us!” he tells her. Champion Girl is so horny that she ends up cumming all over Mr. Tropical’s cock. Then she switches back in to the missionary position. She is so horny that she can’t get enough cock! When he gets close to cumming, he explodes all over her face and in her mouth. “Now you’re Champion Slut of the City!” he tells her. “That’s right. You won!” she tells him.
In Short:
The Revenge Crew with High Frequency and Mr. Tropical have their biggest evil plan to date! High Frequency steals a list of the city’s superheroines’ secret identities from the mayor’s office. They use the information to blackmail Charming Champion after they discover she is a local reporter Joslyn Jane. A superheroine’s secret identity is a powerful advantage to use against any heroine. She cannot risk her identity being revealed. It is brilliantly used to force Charming Champion to surrender to The Revenge Crew.
Furthermore, this list of superheroines’ secret identities can be used for future plots. The Revenge Crew can blackmail or expose every superheroine in the city. There is a lot of potential for interesting stories. A great story could be exposing Supergirl’s identity to the world. That would be an amazing video for a follow-up.
Sex Scenes:
There are three sex scenes in the video. Each scene focuses on Charming Champion’s big and natural tits. Every guy wants to fuck them, and they are also her weakness! High Frequency easily defeats Charming Champion in their first encounter when he starts playing with her tits. Her tits glow a purple aura as she becomes aroused, submissive, and weak.
In addition, a very lustful Charming Champion is unable to resist The Revenge Crew’s sexual advances. She has a lot of enthusiasm in all three sex scenes. She gives amazing blowjobs to both villains. Charming Champion enjoys every minute of being fucked into submission by these villains! Our heroine is begging for the villains to cum for her in her moment of defeat.
The Revenge Crew takes full advantage of her weakness. They disgrace her title of being a superheroine. She is no longer the champion of the city. Mr. Tropical’s last line is on point. He declares Charming Champion as “champion of sluts”. It is the perfect ending to conclude our heroine’s defeat.
The design of Charming Champion’s costume is based on Power Girl’s costume. You can call her a clone of Power Girl. It is a white lace leotard with blue boots and gloves. Also, the costume looks really good on Joslyn Jane. It complements her figure. The costume’s widow teases us with her natural cleavage to keep our eyes focused on her.
Charming Champion is Joslyn Jane’s first experience playing a superheroine in porn. She has an impressive genre in the fetish. Joslyn Jane has a strong poise as a heroine to take seriously. She also stays in character throughout the film. Some models get out of character during sex scenes, but Joslyn Jane expresses the character’s feelings of lust.
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