Jun 022021

JOI –  Sissy B-Mail

JOI –  Sissy B-Mail
Description: What did you think I was gonna do with those pictures? Have a laugh and delete them straight away? Absolutely not!

I bet you’re exactly the kind of sissy to take hundreds of pictures dressed up like a sick, little pervert and I’m gonna wheedle them out of you. You’re gonna do whatever I say otherwise I’ll show everyone the atrocious photos you already sent.

I’ve got an extra incentive for you to obey: you’ll get to slurp on this used condom. I’m gonna record how turned it makes you, getting your tiny clit straining in your panties as you stick your tongue out. You don’t have any other choice unless you want everyone to know your secret, slut.
CEI, Humiliation, Blackmail, Cuckolding,Sissy Training,Forced Bi,Cum Eating Instructions

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Download – JOI_-_Eva_de_Vil_-_Sissy_B-Mail.mp4

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