Jan 092021

JOI – MIstress Serena – Executrixx Agent Assassin

JOI – MIstress Serena – Executrixx Agent Assassin
We both work for the SAA. There’s a promotion up for grabs, and there are only 3 of us capable of winning the prize. The thing is, I just can’t waste this opportunity. Marvin was never going to get it, but you might, agent Lancer, and I can’t let that happen. I have plans of my own. I’m taking this patriarchal organization down, and you’re going with it. You get to be the catalyst for change. Each and every member of the SAA will face redemption either by falling in line with the New World Order of Gynarchy or by their death. It’s their choice. You don’t get that choice, Lancey darling. You’re just in the way.
mind fuck,mind control,superheroines fetish,superhero

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