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JOI – Mandy Marx – Psychoanalyst Lures You Into Her Humiliation Study

JOI – Mandy Marx – Psychoanalyst Lures You Into Her Humiliation Study
Thank you for attending this study. You have been chosen because of the way you responded to the questionnaire And your level of comfort with humiliation. So let’s begin. Throughout this experience as I’m talking to you and guiding you along, I want you to indicate on a sheet of paper how you feel at different times, from not humiliated at all to extremely humiliated.

Now I want you to think back to when you were in high school the first time you saw the girl’s swim team. You saw them in outfits strictly for exercising but you couldn’t help but sexualize it. Feel that shame start to build, you can’t see them without sexualizing them. Yet when she wears that piece of clothing, she is already gaining a sense of power because of the way you and others respond to it. If she asked you to do her homework wearing that outfit you couldn’t say no. Already at such a young age you felt this. A girl in an outfit automatically wielding power over you. You’ve had this feeling of humiliation, this desire for it from a young age. Now please indicate on the sheet now for me.

This is a humiliation study, studying people who are humiliated, who enjoy humiliation and enjoy being a participant. Was that arousing? Now I’m going to induce a stronger reaction. You should be familiar with this. (She laughs at you and points her finger at you while she giggles.) Feel how it feels in your chest as I look at you and laugh at you and how pathetic you are. LOL! How did that feel? Please mark down your reaction on the scale.
mind fuck,brainwash,tease and denial

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