JOI – Mandy Marx, Lucid Lavender – Step-Daddy’s Bratty Jealous JOI Princesses

Description: Mandy Marx And Lucid Lavender! This clip is so fucking hot! Mandy and Lucid are so sexy, their tone is so bratty and seductive. You will simply melt every time you hear the word, daddy. They will coax you and seduce you so easily. You won’t last two minutes into this clip lol! The whisper tracks alone in this clip will have you on the edge every time they whisper, ‘daddy’. Come in daddy, we have something to talk about. We’re pretty disappointed. I know the divorce was kinda hard on you and we did everything we could to make you happy. But you knew we’d find out. Dating around? Look at us. Were cuter than anyone you could find out there. Aren’t we enough for you, daddy? Not to mention she’s like twice our age. We know your type. What do you think you’re doing dating her? Why would you leave the house when you could just stay in, daddy. We own you. We’re the only ones that you ever get to look at or touch. Does she know the kind of porn you like to watch? Does she know how much you love JOI’s? We’ll bet she doesn’t lol. I’ll bet she doesn’t know about your goon closet lol. That’s why we don’t go in there when you’re home, but we hear the moans. If you wanna jerk off to us you have to promise it’s only us. Did you take her to your favorite restaurant? That’s what you always do, you do the same thing over and over. How could you take someone else there when you could just take us? We’re always ready, daddy. Aren’t we enough for you, daddy? Why are you getting so red in the face, daddy? Are you not used to this again? Us giving you jerk-off instructions. Does she do it like this with you? We’ll be she doesn’t. We had such a good teacher, daddy. I don’t think anyone will make you feel like we do. Do it the way that you showed us how to do it. Like in the restaurant. Why don’t you like taking us there anymore, because you have to act appropriately? At the restaurant, we have to act like daddy’s good little girls and when we get home we get to act like daddy’s good little girls. You belong to us. You’re going to belong to us forever, daddy. Tell us you don’t miss that? You always were one for routines. It’s so easy to make you stroke, daddy. We know just what to do, just what to say. We know all about you, all your little buttons. Do you know how long it would take her to learn? Do you even think she’d be willing like we are? Is she even half as cute as one of us? Don’t forget daddy, there are two of us. Four hands are so much better than two. What other girl would do this for you? So you have to choose, it’s either her or us. And if you want to cum you have to choose us, right now. If you can’t decide then you don’t get to cum. If you can’t decide then we’ll never do this with you again. Do you want this to be the last time? I think you wanna still play, don’t you? Don’t you wanna play with us, daddy? You better make the right choice, daddy. Yea daddy. It shouldn’t be very hard, wouldn’t you miss this? It should be an easy choice. Wouldn’t you miss our asses so much? Wouldn’t you miss daddy’s little girls? We know just what to do to you, daddy. Cum for us, daddy. You promised. Make your choice and we’ll let you cum. Don’t you wanna cum, daddy? Cum for your good little girls? Aren’t we enough for you, daddy? We’re going to be too much for you, daddy. Too much. We own you. We’re the only ones you get to cum to. Just us daddy. No one else. You have to promise us, daddy. Otherwise, we’re not going to let you cum. If you wanna jerk off to us you have to promise, only us. Promise us, daddy. You belong to us. Only us. You can cum as long as you promise. You’re going to belong to us forever, daddy. Promise that you belong to us, promise daddy. Watch us, daddy, watch us touch each other. We know you wanna cum for us. But only us. You can’t resist us.
Published: Sep 2, 2021
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