Star pushes past Dixie as she opens the door. She’s dropped by unannounced to pick up a few things. Dixie argues that she should have called, but agrees to just get it over with. As she begins to lead Star in, Star clamps her hand over Dixie’s mouth – she’s really here to meet Dixie’s new girlfriend.

Star sneaks up behind Veruca in the living room. Veruca asks who was at the door. Star leans into her, stroking the side of her face. Star examines Dixie’s new girlfriend, stroking her soft skin, playing with her as she strips her. Once Veruca is fully nude, Star kneels before her spread legs and begins to eat her pussy.

Dixie stalks in slowly. She surprises Star. Her naked girlfriend cowers in her arms, why did you let her in! They decide to extract revenge. They crouch over Star’s body, working together to pull the clothes off her limp limbs. They pull at her pubic hair, slap at her breasts. Dixie demands an explanation. Star is twisted. She wouldn’t have had to do this if Dixie had just shared her new toy.

Dixie tries to punish her ex by smothering her with her pussy, but Star just licks away. They trade places, but it seems that Star also enjoys licking Veruca’s asshole. They’re going to have to find a better way to punish her, to get rid of her. They decide to drag her out into the night naked. Veruca takes her arms and Dixie her legs as they carry her limp, naked, body outside.

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