Jan 292021

Janira Wolfe – Do You Believe In Female Supremacy Now (1080p)

Janira Wolfe – Do You Believe In Female Supremacy Now (1080p)
you became a slave on Goddess Wolfe’s service a month and a half ago, and it is not what you thought it would be. you are to be locked in chastity at all times unless otherwise stated by Goddess Wolfe, and you have these ridiculous lessons in Female Supremacy where you are taught that the penis is the underlying cause of all the world’s problems. you couldn’t take it anymore, so, yesterday you decided to break out of your chastity cage. That was your first mistake. your second was going around bashing Female Supremacy and your teachings to the other slaves. Clearly you misunderstood where their loyalties lie, because the other slaves told Goddess Wolfe of your unruly behavior, which is why you’ve now landed yourself chained to the wall in Goddess Wolfe’s dungeon to be taught a lesson…

Obviously all lessons were lost on you when Goddess Wolfe tried simply telling you the reasons for Female Supremacy, so She is now to take a more hands-on approach. First, She’ll demonstrate the power your own hard dick has over your thoughts, and then She’ll demonstrate the power Her big black bi-sexual slave Big Al’s dick has over his thoughts…. Sometimes the only way to get slaves to understand is by showing them the other side of the male gaze…
chastity,verbal humiliation,foot fetish,forced bi,joi

Duration: 00:32:13 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.37 GB

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