Ivy’s EXPANDING Power – Draining You to GROW into a Giantess Goddess with Breast Expansion and Bu…

“I’m so glad you decided to take me up on my invitation and come here,” Ivy grins, walking toward you in her forest lair. “Oh…you only came because you think you can defeat me and put an end to my power-sucking? Haha. Spoiler: I will win.” She laughs. “You see, I’m an addict now. I’m hooked on sucking out the powers and energies of the heroes and heroines of the universe. I have an insatiable lust for growth, and I will continue sucking and sucking so that I can use that energy to GROW. You think you’ll stop me? You do recall how POWERFUL I am, right?” She flexes her biceps. “How much power I have pulsing through me from everyone I’ve already drained? It’s dangerous to think you can defeat me.”

She grins, and lifts her hand to her lips, blowing some kind of dust into your face. “You’ll find yourself drifting into a dreamlike state. Everything might seem a little hazy now and you’ll find your strength is gone. You’re mine now. I own you. And I’m going to take ALL of you.” She grins mischievously. “You look a little woozy. Here. Let me steady you.” She laughs, holding you in place as she plants her lips on yours. “Let me…ground you.” She kisses you again. And again. And then…she SUCKS. She drains you of all your strength and all your power until you are just a shell of yourself, watching as she uses what she’s taken from you to transform herself into a GODDESS.

“Oh, I can feel it pulsing within me. It’s quaking! It’s about to erupt! I’m about to…GROW.” She moans out as her body begins to pulse and grow. “Yes! Bigger! BIGGER!” She moans and gyrates as she grows, seeming to enjoy the process as her body grows larger. Her skirt becomes short as her legs grow taller and her breasts swell and erupt from her top. She grows and grows until she’s TOWERING over you with her MASSIVE CURVES and she moans out, “Oh yes! I do like this particular growth the best. In addition to my size and stature, I’ve had exponential growth in my CURVES to accentuate my power as the GODDESS OF EARTH.”

She shows off her new body to you, clearly enjoying her transformation. “How does it feel to be in the presence of such a GIGANTIC GODDESS? You look so puny now…way dow there close to the ground while I’m up here in the heavens where Goddesses belong.” She laughs. “Worship my curves, you minion.” She rubs her gigantic booty in your face before standing back up to show off her gigantic hourglass figure. “Look at these delicious curves of mine. They’re so JUICY and RIPE with POWER. They symbolize everything I’ve taken from the Earth and made into my own.” She laughs, bouncing her massive swollen breasts up and down.

She crouches down lower to you and shakes her MASSIVE TITS in your face. “Oh yes! This is my favorite growth of all! I just want more…and more…and MORE!” She moans, bouncing her breasts up and down, squeezing them and enjoying them. “Now the question is…what do I do with you? I could sit on you and squash you beneath my GIGANTIC ASS.” She stands back up and taunts you with her Giantess booty. “Or I can squash you beneath my tits like this…BOOM!” She taunts, dropping her big boobies onto you. “Or…I can plop you between my JUICY ORBS and slam them together, crushing you between them…Mmmmm…I’m getting so turned on by this power.” She grins. “But I said I would teach you a lesson…and.” She opens her mouth, moaning and thrusting chest up and down as drool drips from her tongue.

“What I’m going to do is satisfy my addict urges and SUCK out every soul who dares come against me, and I will CRUSH them with these curves as I suck, and you…you’re going to watch it all…because you’re going to be right here between my GIGANTIC TITS. You’re going to be stuck squished between them watching as I defeat every last hero and heroine in this universe, and you will watch me grow and grow and GROW with power. You will have no choice but to watch.” She laughs, bouncing them in your face as she teases you with them. “Come to step-mama…:” She grins mischievously as she squishes her tits around you.
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