Introducing Macy Nikole as Spider-Girl in “Caught in a Sleepy Web”

Trickster captures Spider-Girl by fooling her into thinking she’s performing a rescue. Poor Spider-Girl has no idea for the sleepy traps she’s about to be exposed to. On top of Trickster’s dastardly sleep traps, she needs to get ready for a college final which is due the next day. Can Spider-Girl escape the sleepy web she’s trapped in or will Trickster get his way once again? Find out in the latest episode from Sleepy Superheroines. This video also features a fun message from Macy and a number of outtakes.

This video features multiple chloroform KOs, electric KO, multiple blackjack head KOs, injection KO, sleeping gas KO, bearhug KO, multiple over the shoulder and cradle carries, mind control (hypnosis), unmasking, butt spankings, bondage, and limp play.
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Duration: 00:44:00 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.57 GB

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