May 032021

INeedABitch – Teacher Agatha Pity Fucks Your Small Penis

INeedABitch – Teacher Agatha Pity Fucks Your Small Penis
You’re the nerdy guy in class & you’re getting extra help from your hot busty MILF teacher Agatha. She’s always dressed inappropriately for the classroom but you think it’s because she’s going through a midlife crisis and really pushing her assets out to play out that desirable MILF look. She knows that all the boys secretly check her out & talk about how low cut her dresses are. She catches you checking out her assets and decides you deserve a little treat…. she guesses you’re a virgin….right? LOL she can tell. Well she’s about to devirginize you now! But you’re so scared she’s going to make fun of your small weenie… LOL. Well, being the "nice" sweet teacher she is, her face shows how disappointed she is at your tiny cock but she’s going to try riding it anyways…. it barely reaches her…. is it in yet? Can you feel it? she can’t really feel much inside her so it’s up to you to let her know that you’re all the way in… she starts riding but it keeps falling out!! It’s ok, let’s just try again but this time with less bouncing! It’s not long before you can’t hold it and prematurely cum! LOL
This is a femdom JOI virtual sex video. The performer teases you with her body and dirty talking throughout the video.
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