Aug 072020

Impregnating Wonder Woman!

Impregnating Wonder Woman!
Princess Diana just fought Circe and a mind controlled Superman, it was a grueling fight and she is realizing her own mortality and desperately wants to get pregnant. However her step-father Zeus is not thrilled about her wanting to have a baby with her mortal husband (Batman) who also just had a massive fight against Deathstroke and Deadshot and was hurt badly during the fight.
Wonder Woman explains her desire to be impregnated and begins to seduce Batman. POV Batman admires her beautiful body and thinks of how good her stomach and breasts will look swelled and full. He then goes down on Wonder Woman and gives her an orgasm, the first of many. She in turn goes down on him and then begs him to fuck her from behind. After that she gets on top of him and rides his cock until she cums again. She then lays back in missionary and begs for cum, " "cum inside me, don’t you dare pull out!"
Wonder Woman knows instantly that she will become pregnant and she senses that her step-father also knows what they have done. She tells Batman to hide in the house of mystery until it’s safe. 6 months later, when things have cooled down she sends for Batman and that’s when he sees her big baby bump for the first time. She says "It’s a girl and she’s due in Febuary."
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