Synopsis: The nefarious Dr. Kells, formally Division’s lead scientist is responsible for creating the most dangerous arousal serum to date, specifically targeting female Supers by rendering them too turned on to function. Division gets a hold of him, but not before he releases the formula on the black market. Every criminal has access and every female Super is at risk. In exchange for a greatly reduced sentence, Division strikes a deal with Kells to micro-dose all the female Supers to allow them to build immunity. Kells begrudgingly participates, barely tolerating the arrogance of all the Supers who don’t believe they need to go through the process. With control over the dosage per session, Kells decides to overdose WW. He knows she’ll never admit defeat and division has asked him to prepare every Super for the worst situations imaginable. Find out what Kells does to WW while the poor heroine is to distracted to function, and too stubborn to call no joy.
Contains: 1 on 1 Male/female combat, face punches, belly punches, kicks, low blows, bear hug front and back, multiple lifts and holds, back breaker, injection, multiple chokes, standing choke hold free and against wall, head slams on table, device used to force arousal while heroine forced to solve riddles, full nudity, fingering to forced O and squirting, forced BJ multiple positions, forced fucking in multiple positions, cum shot to face
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