Immerse Yourself with: Malloy Panda Part 2 of 2

Starring Malloy Panda

In the conclusion of your sleepy daydreams, you’re confronted with Malloy who catches you staring off into what seems like outer space. You compose yourself, but your desires to act out your fantasies are just too strong, and the urge to have some sleepy fun with Malloy outside of your dreams are too much to resist!

When Malloy seems like she intends on ending the meeting, you retaliate with your trusty sleepy spray to help calm her nerves. A few more sprays gets Malloy onto the couch, and she finally starts giving in with very little resistance.

It’s a dream come true for you to have these moments with THE Malloy Panda! And getting her undressed, unconsciousness, and like putty in your hands is the ultimate fantasy turned reality!

This movie contains sleepy spray KO, hand smother KO, teasing chloro KO, gas mask KO, toplessness, groping, limp limb manipulation
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Duration: 00:26:24 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.41 GB

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