Hux1y Abuses Barb1e Brat

Hope Harper is locked away in a cage, deep in Saharra Huxly’s lair. She knows that soon, Saharra will return and want to play. And all she wants to do is get out of here and go home. She will play, until she can slip away. Shhh! Here she comes. Hope puts on a big smile.Saharra opens up the jail cell and brings her out for some fun time. She wants to stand in front of the mirror with her new play toy and marvel at how much bigger she is than Hope. And to lift & carry her around. She’s so strong, and Hope is so small, it’s like carrying around a Barbie doll. She picks her up in a fireman, cradle, various doll poses, by her armpits and even, by her neck. That last one happens after Hope took a couple wrong attempts to make it to the tunnel leading out. Saharra doesn’t like her toys to run away, no she definitely does not. There will be punishment coming Hopes way.Hopes punishment will be in the form of monster wedgies. She’s going to have her panties and panty hose so far up her ass and pussy, she’ll taste her own juices. And why not mock Hope by giving her a false sense of her own namesake?She tells her that if she manages to get even one finger on the ladder, she is free to leave. It just isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. But as she gets closer, Saharra just pulls her back by a giant wedgie. Eventually even hanging her from the ceiling hook by her panties. That’s got to hurt. Finally, as she gets the closest she will ever get again, Saharra just scoops her off the floor and caries her to the couch. There she torments her with some spanking and tickling. Hope will regret ever trying to leave Saharra Huxly.Saharra doesnt really have levels of punishment. Its not like she gets off with a warning. Because the full punishment is also training. So now she’s strapped to a bed and Saharra enters the room with a large cock strapped around her waist. She strokes it with such intent as Hope looks on with a mixture of fear and desire. Hope just might be coming around to the joys of being Saharra’s lesbian toy.She was very hesitant at first. Faking to enjoy Saharra’s games only to make a break for the exist as soon as she could. But Saharra has firmly put Hope in her place. Now she seems to be truly enjoying these games. Or perhaps she just likes getting fucked by an entity of such power and strength.Either way she is now riding Saharra’s big strap-on cock. Her legs wrapped around Saharra’s waist and arms around her shoulders. Saharra standing, supporting both their combined weight as she bounces Hope on her cock. Her strength has Hope dripping. Saharra is sent into a frenzy by the scent of Hope’s excitement. Tossing her onto the bed and fucking her doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Hope has never been fucked like this before. She may stay just for the sex. It’s worth living in a cage.
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